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Giveaways Completed

Sorry for taking so long, but the Halloween giveaway completed. Congratulations to our winners:

Diane S. won a print copy of WITCH CITY: CARDINAL

Ray won a copy of THE TRIP

Due to the success of the giveaways, I plan on doing one at least quarterly. Make sure you check back here and see what's going on!

What's the Giveaway


The Trip

Three friends on a cross-country bicycle trip face a zombie apocalypse.

Available in print, Kindle and audiobook format.

A Cyberpunk Detective Story

A determined cop specializing in cybercrime races to stop a master hacker who kills using a video stream.

Available in print, Kindle and audiobook format.

Witch City:

After his parents were murdered by vampires, Peter Cardinal joins an enigmatic law enfocement agency dedicated to controlling the paranormal.

Available in print and Kindle format. Audiobook coming soon.


In the Dark
Three coeds square off against a masked killer in this animated spoof of slasher horror. Learn More!
My DreamGirl Was A Vampire
Can a geeky historian help a beautiful vampire become human again? Learn More!

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