Thanks to All Our Supporters

Sometimes things work out...and sometimes they don't...

We fought the good fight and did our all to bring this silly little project together, but for now it just doesn't look like there's enough interest to go forward. While we're bummed it didn't work out this time, we may try again at a later date.

Extra big thanks to Kimberley, Felicia, Jared, Edgar and Peter for all their hard work bringing the trailer to life!


A story about a brilliant hacker gone bad, a couple bloggers hungry for their big break, and a secret agent in need of a new job.

The world's greatest hacker has gone black-hat! Armed with a computer virus that will turn everyone who looks at a cat picture into a zombie under her control, The Kitty (Kimberley Miller) is out to conquer the world!

An unlikely team stands in her way: tech bloggers Brian (Jared Contrada) and Jeff (Edgar Damatian) think it's their big break while secret agent Becky (Felicia Flanagan, reprising her role from The Fourth Teaspoon) needs a new job.

Can they stop The Kitty before she releases the virus and conquers the world?

YOU can help!

THE KITTY began as a spoof of a movie trailer, but we like the idea so much we'd like to make a limited webseries, and possibly a feature. That's where you, the viewer comes in.

We're not lookig for money, we want shares and views!

At this point most film projects launch into their funding request. We're not looking for your money. We're looking for you to help spread the word about this project so we know people will watch it!

Our goal is 10,000 views and/or 2,000 "thumbs up" votes on YouTube. If we reach that point, we will make a limited seires (3-4 episodes) based on the trailer. If the webseries gets a strong following, we'll make a feature.

It costs you nothing. All you have to do is watch the movie, click the thumbs up, and share it with your friends, enemies, and people you may or may not know! How easy is that?

The Cast

Kimberley Miller -is- The Kitty

Kimberley is honored to be joining Tim Morgan again for another project. She received her training at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she had the privilege of performing the role of Hamlet on London's Shakespeare Globe stage as part of their educational series.

She recently performed as Olivia in Twelfth Night with professional theatre company, Advice to the Players and is currently filming as a lead in the web series The Realm. Follow her on twitter @TheMissRedAct and find out more on Kimberley Miller's IMDB page.

Felicia Flanagan -is- Agent Becky

Felicia brings years of experience to her role as agent Becky. Trained by Boston's finest film and theatre instructors, Felicia's previous film credits include Wonder Years, the music video Catch Me If You Can.

Jared Contrada -is- Brian

Jared began his acting career in High School, starting out in supporting theatre roles working his way to the main parts in many productions. He has performed and competed in the 2014 & 2015 New Hampshire Education Theater Guild Festival as the title role both years. His performance in 2015 earned him not only a spot in the State Competition, but a Best Actor award.

Jared has been working his way into film as well, appearing as a background actor in an HBO Film, a speaking role in a local commercial, and the lead in short filmed produced in Boston.

Edgar Damatian -is- Jeff

A full-time actor since 2013, Edgar divides his time between MA and New York City. He can be seen as a featured extra in the feature film Central Intelligence, and has appeared in numerous student and independent films. Edgar spends his time taking classes, making connections and building relationships.

You can follow Edgar at his official web site: and on twitter, @dimpledamat

Tim Morgan

Writer, director, producer, chief cook and bottle washer...I'm one of the guys behind the camera. You can learn more about me in other sections of this site.

Kimberley Miller as The Kitty
Featuring Kimberley Miller -as- The Kitty

Kimberley's Tumblr Site Follow Kimberley on Twitter

Felicia Flanagan as Agent Becky
Felicia Flanagan -as- Agent Becky

Jared Contrada as Brian
Jared Contrada -as- Brian

Edgar Damatian as Jeff
Edgar Damatian -as- Jeff

Edgar's Web Site Follow Edgar on Twitter