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This is...Tim...

Who am I?

Welcome to my site. I'm Tim. I write stuff. I make movies. I write code.

No-Frills Writing Advice in New Series of ebooks!


I've launched a series of no-frills writing books! Check out StoryBuilder!

StoryBuilder: The Black Moment

Witch City is LIVE!

The first novel in the WITCH CITY series - WITCH CITY: CARDINAL - hits Amazon.com 10/1/2016!


The Trip Update

Production has begun on the animated motion picture! Find out more...


I've released a new, animated trailer for THE TRIP. An audiobook version of THE TRIP is now LIVE and work on an animated motion picture based on THE TRIP is in progress.

Read more on The Trip page.

Meet the three awesome narrators bringing the story to life on THE TRIP - THE AUDIOBOOK page!

Narrators of THE TRIP

Read the lasest musings in the blog...

Inspiration, perspiration, rejection, persistence, encouragement...the life of a writer

It's no secret. I write. I'm highly trained, highly motivated and highly disciplined.

You name it I've probably written it. I used to contribute somewhat regularly to Listen magazine. My work's appeared in The Nashua Telegraph. I've placed in screenplay contests and even had a short story land in Alterna Tales #1 and on ZebraMag.

I earned my Master's degree in English from Rivier College, got my undergrad in Communications at Salem State with a minor in theatre.

Writing is hard work. Hours upon hours of working away, busting your ass while your friends are out drinkng beer and playing Rock Band. You never know what's going to happen with your work. So why do this?

Because this is how I'm wired. Period. It's a tough journey, at times it's a lonely journey. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Read my August 2016 Shriekfest interview!

Learn more about my writing.

If you thought writing was tough, you should try film

Lonely as writing can be, you only need to rely on you. Sit your butt down at the keyboard and write, dammit. That separates the writer from the wanna-be.

Film is different. It's a collaborative medium, an entire team needs to pull together and work toward a common goal to produce something. You take risks, sometimes they pay off and sometimes they don't.

I've been fascinated with movies since I was a kid, when I'd bang out a script on an old manual typewriter. Naturally that drew me to work on an access TV station (poor man's film school) and drew me to the theatre program at Salem State.

I met some awesome people there, I learned so much...

I got back in touch with some of my old friends and invested in some killer gear. We're shooting on a Canon EOS 7D, using a Zoom H4N digital audio recorder, and some other cool stuff...and doing cool stuff.

I led a team through the 48 hour film project and I've been making short movies. Someday I hope to tackle a feature. You can check out the results on my YouTube channel.

Want to learn more? Take a look at my film work.

Tim, Google's down. Can you fix it for me?

The short answer is no. I'm a senior .NET developer. I can code in C#, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, and the alphabet soup that makes the web work. Sorry, I can't fix your network, or build you a nice Flash animation, or figure out why Google gives you music when you type in meat loaf.

Can I help you with your project? It depends on what it is. If you're using .NET technologies, HTML, or even PHP the answer is probably depending on my workload. If you need Java, Flash, or some other strange acronym the answer is probably not.

Yeah, I'm a geek. Sometimes I geek out. I can't help it.